The price of laser marking machines is competitive as its high-speed marking of product information

Almost every product has its information, logo, QR code, production date, manufacturers and so on. This information undoubtedly needs be printed, which used to adopt traditional method such as silk screen printing, adhesive tape and other methods. However, currently, laser marking machines are available due to its reasonable price.


Last year, the mineral water bottle cap in the "Bottle Cap Challenge" which contains the production date and QR code. The production date on the bottle cap allows us to identify whether it has expired. And the QR code can be used to prevent counterfeiting. If the product information of these foods is still printed in the traditional way that used to, it will inevitably cause more food safety hazards.


However, the safer and more environmentally friendly laser coding machine does not. The laser coding machine does not require any chemical composition. It only needs to use the high-energy continuous laser beam to instantly melt or even vaporize the surface materials. By controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material, a never-off production date and a QR code on the bottle cap are formed. Any syrup wipe will not work, so the two-pronged approach ensure food safety during and after processing.


Fiber Laser Coding Machine

Traditional printing methods such as silk screen are more polluting, and their cost is higher than that of laser coding machines. Silk screen printing requires skilled workers and countless materials. A worker and a pile of consumables require a lot of cost. But for the laser coding machine, ordinary workers can get on the job with simple training. There is no need for any consumables during the operation. The price of a laser coding machine is only tens of thousands of yuan. Compared with the traditional method, this kind of investment is too cost-effective.


CO2 Laser Coding Machine

Another reason for choosing the laser marking machine is its speed advantage. Taking the mineral water bottle as an example, the output of the laser printer can reach 30,000 yards/hour, then benefits of function and productivity is maximized. Nowadays, with the implementation of the “one item, one code” regulations for commodities, the ink-jet coding technology that can be scrubbed will be replaced by the laser coding technology that will never fall off.

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