What problems do experienced person pay attention to when typesetting fiber laser cutting machines?

Novices in the fiber laser Cutting Machine industry have to go through a lot of detours to learn more. In the process of work and study, you may wish to consult experienced one first and ask what issues to pay attention to, so that you can get started faster.  Such as the typesetting of fiber laser cutting machine. In view of this problem, what points should be paid attention to?


Before cutting, the fiber laser cutting machine needs to import the drawings into the equipment program, and then use the equipment's own typesetting software to arrange the graphics on a board, and the equipment can perform batch cutting and processing according to the drawings. as follows:


1. Precautions for typesetting of fiber laser cutting machine: corner melting


When cutting the corners of thin steel plates at reduced speed, the laser of the fiber laser cutting machine will melt the corners due to overheating. When typesetting, a small radius is generated at the corner to maintain the high-speed cutting of the equipment, so as to avoid melting of the steel plate due to overheating when cutting the corner, reducing the cutting time and improving productivity.


2. Precautions for typesetting of fiber laser cutting machine: Spacing between parts


Under normal circumstances, when the fiber laser cutting machine cuts thick plates and hot plates, the distance between the parts should be large, because the heat of the thick plate hot plate is relatively large, and it is easy to burn edges when cutting corners and small patternsAffect the quality of cutting.


3. Precautions for layout of fiber laser cutting machine: parts collision


In order to increase the productivity of fiber laser cutting machines, many of them operate continuously for 24 hours and use unmanned automatic loading and unloading devices. The damage to the cutting head and the interruption of production caused by collision with the overturned parts of the cutting will bring relatively large losses. At this time, you need to pay attention to the following three points when sorting:


1) Choose a better cutting route to reduce the cutting time.

2) Automatically or manually combine multiple small parts with micro connections, and the removed parts can be easily disconnected after cutting.

3) Choose a suitable laser cutting path to bypass the already cut parts to avoid collisions.


4. Precautions for typesetting of fiber laser cutting machine: co-edge cutting


Co-edge two or more parts into a combination, and try to co-edge large quantities of regular graphics. Co-edge cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time and save materials.


5. Precautions for typesetting of fiber laser cutting machine: handling of remaining materials


After the fiber laser cutting machine finishes cutting the parts, the skeleton-shaped remaining material needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations. For laser cutting equipment that does not have an automatic unloading device, the skeleton-shaped remaining material can be cut into small pieces. , It is convenient to remove, so as to avoid the operator's personal injury caused by the heavy and sharp remaining material.


6. Precautions for Typesetting of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine: Lead Setting


When cutting thicker plates, in order to make the joints of the slits well and to prevent burns at the beginning and end, a transition line is often drawn at the beginning and the end of the cutting. They are called lead and tail, respectively. The tail wire is of no use to the workpiece itself, so it should be arranged outside the scope of the workpiece. At the same time, it should be noted that the lead wire cannot be set in sharp corners and other places that are not easy to dissipate heat.


As a novice in the field of laser cutting, whether you encounter a fiber laser cutting machine layout problem or any other problem, humbly asking experienced one is an important way to grow, so that you can quickly get started with your own work.


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